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SEO: Search engine optimisation

The process of driving quality traffic to your website through organic search engine results.

There are things you can do yourself to improve your website's visibility and performance, here are a few key tips:


Think about relevant search phrases in which you want to appear to your potential customer, and make sure to include these consistently across the content of your's an example for an organic food store :

Keywords might include: "Organic, Healthy, Pure, Ethically Sourced"

Fitting these keywords and phrases into your website's content will help your site appear higher in relevant searches!

Meta tags

Think of this as a small advert describing your business, you'll be able to edit the meta tags for each of your website's pages within your control panel. Use some of your keywords again here. 

File names

Make sure when you upload images, videos and documents to your site, that you have considered the file name. 

For example if you have an image of a red dress that you're selling, rather than just calling it "red dress" you could call it "Short sleeved red skater dress from Nikki's Wardrobe" this way your business name gets a tag too. 

Update content

Updating the content on your website on a regular basis will naturally help your website rank higher with Google, this is essentially because Google understands when your content has been updated and considers your website more active. It's important to make your content unique - don't copy and paste it from another site - make sure your content is relevant to your product, business or industry and if you can, include a link to a video, file or affiliate site. 

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